This store has been supplying parts and accessories for most brands of major appliances for more years than I can remember.  Our goal in business is complete customer satisfaction. We are well known and exceptionally respected in our community. Our service staff consists of only highly knowledgeable and extensively experienced appliance service technicians. When you call, you can rest assured that its sales staff understands the technology behind the products you buy,and we will try and answer any questions you may have.
Bussard Appliance store was established in 1947.We are still here today because of all of our loyal customers.We are very thankful to all of our customers.My dad bought bussard store in 1979 and we have had it ever since.We kept the bussard name because bill bussard had such a great reputation.Bill Bussard still calls us from time to time and wants to know how things are.We started our lansing store in 1976.The store is called Electric Appliance parts.We are family owned and operated.
Our business is growing.We are adding a new line of parts.Starting in the fall of 2013 .We will have garage door opener parts for all major brands.Our web site will not have any pictures of these parts,but you can call for model look up.